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Numismatic catalogs
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Numismatic materials and paper money catalogs

A catalog is needed to organize and evaluate a collection, because of different signatures, designs and other details such as collors and water marks.

Caring about your collection items
You can store you collection items in different kind of materials, but important is to keep it from deterioration. Paper and plastic holders can be bought in any staioner store, even expensive special holders from your nearest numismatic store, but keep in mind to buy materials which are acid free and won't decay with time demaging your banknotes more than you can imagine.

Duplicates for exchange

My collection grows for its own, with friends donations and my crazy buyings, but many series remain uncompleted and many other duplicates multiply. My duplicate list has many Brazilian banknotes since the 1970's, but also many other countries in different conservation degrees (followed the IBNS standards). Values are in US Dollars and based on the actual Pick Catalog for World Paper Money.

Write me sending your duplicates list: [email protected] was created and organized by Régis Giampersa.
All rights reserved, São Paulo, Brazil, since 1999