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Elizabeth II: queen of the world.

Everywhere in the world banknotes show a person or event, from scientists to poets and any kind of rulers, due to their social, historic and cultural importance. Many presidents and kings have been portrayed too, since they are also important for the people, as many dictators also felt they were.

Queen Elizabeth II became the most known and pictured person. She can be seen on banknotes from every continent, where she still represents world leading countries and many unimportant ones too.

From left to right and up to down: Australia 5 dollar banknote, England (Britain) 10 pounds, Fiji 1 Dollar and Hong-kong 1 cent.

In her case, it is possible to attest her aging, since she is ruling for more then 50 years.
Nowadays, royalty power is figurative, but she is or was head of state in many countries, after all she is the heiress of the once powerful British empire, which now is only a source for historic warlike power. They still try to keep good relations with former colonies, many of them now rebel and belligerent, specially because they where brutally controlled by her ancestors and countrymen.

From left to right and up to down: Canada 20 dollar banknote dated 2004, Bermuda 1 Dollar dated 1979, 1 Pound of Jersey and Saint Helena.

These banknotes are all what is left of the magnificent British royalty and its ancient power and conquest throughout the world.


From left to right and up to down: Mauritius 5 rupees, British Caribbean territories 1 dollar, Belize 1 dollar, Bahamas 50 cents, Isle of Man 50 pounds and New Zealand 2 dollars. was created and organized by Régis Giampersa.
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